Red Bird was created to give people what they need. A personalized, meaningful celebration of life.

Funerals can be formulaic and out-of-touch. So nowadays, many families reluctantly follow tradition or worst of all, do nothing.

But celebrations still matter, maybe more than ever. We still have a real human need to grieve, celebrate, say our piece and comfort each other. These things bring meaning to life, and they’re essential for closure.

Red Bird is helping friends & family create this new, better celebration of life that’s both modern and meaningful. We hope you’ll join us in being part of this important change.

Even Your Team will be Personalized

Why do Red Bird guests say our events are more enjoyable and more meaningful? We start with a customized team that’s built around your needs. Review our roster of Certified Celebrants.

We still have a real human need to grieve

Meet Our Creative Memorial Planning Team

Choosing a Celebrant may sound daunting, but we make it easy. Explore our roster to here, to get a feel for their personality and style. No matter who you choose, all our Certified Celebrants have the training and experience to help your family co-create a service that’s exactly right.

Dianna Klisanin

Before she became a licensed Funeral Director, Dianna worked on events such as the Toronto International Film Festival and the Canadian Screen Awards. She’s a master of party logistics, and no detail escapes her keen eye. She also has connections with dozens of Toronto venues both large and small. Let her help you find the perfect location.

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 flowers.Jimmy and Andrew Cardinal's portraits against a background of flowers.
Red Bird is newly Hatched from Cardinal Funeral Homes

Cardinal Funeral Homes is a fourth-generation family business, providing respectful, non-commissioned help for almost 100 years.  Jimmy and Andrew Cardinal have created Red Bird to meet the needs of modern, less traditionally religious families.

If you need cremation or even burial services, Cardinal is here for you with round-the-clock help.

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If they were the life of the party, throw the party of their life!