Technology helps us in our lives in so many ways and this includes having a role in funerals, celebrations of life and memorial services.

There are number of ways that technology can help enhance the event you are planning and we often use a combination of tech solutions in the events we organize here at Red Bird Events.

Virtual Memorials

While the ability to hold funerals and celebrations of life was affected early on in the pandemic, there were some interesting developments related to technology that came out of this period that have stayed in place even after lockdowns and restrictions have been lifted. The biggest being people being able to attend a funeral or celebration of life virtually.

This option has allowed people to gather to remember their loved one, while being able to stay safe and/or attend from anywhere in the world.

At Red Bird, we have professional videographers who make having a quality virtual celebration of life easy and reliable. Families never have to worry about connection issues or sound and visual quality ad guests are able attend remotely from the comfort and safety of their home.

Hybrid Events(In-Person and Virtual)

The hybrid option of having an in-person event that is also live streamed for other guests (with a private link) is one of our most common event choices.

This way you are able to host your celebration of life from the venue of your choice, with people being able to gather in person to remember your loved on together, while also including those people who cannot make the event in person. The reasons people cannot attend include distance, illness and mobility. This is a great option especially if the person who died has a large number of family members living in another country or city or if they had a large international network of friends and colleagues.

The families we work with love having this option so that more people are able to be involved and included in the celebration of life. And guests who cannot attend in person always appreciate that they can participate remotely and don’t just have to send their regrets.

Online Tributes

The way you allow people to offer online tributes can vary, but this allows people to share their thoughts and stories and condolences.

It can be incorporated into the obituary page or can take on another form that allows people to share and be seen easily.

We can talk with you about what kind of tribute page or platform you’d like to have and make recommendations based on your preferences.

Social Media

Social media has allowed people to connect in so many ways and sharing news of a death and related celebration of life is no different.

Most of us aren’t mailing out annual holiday cards or keeping up with mailing addresses or even phone numbers so using social media is a great way to keep people informed when there is a death.

Again, under our guidance, we can help you draft content and make recommendations about how to use social media when planning a celebration of life event. If you have privacy concerns, we will help you navigate and get the results you need from whatever platform you choose to use.

Photo Sharing

Cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox allow friends and family to make contributions of photos, videos or any written content that can be used in a celebration of life.

We often will use this content to make slideshows or programs or photo books for the event. Again, this allows people to share things from wherever they are in the world in just minutes. Often families are so thrilled to see photos of their loved one that they had never seen before or a time of their loved one’s life they weren’t part of.

If any of these technology ideas sound daunting or unknown or you just know you are not technologically savvy, don’t worry. At Red Bird Events, we know how to use these tools and will make sure you can use them so that you can have the celebration of life you want and are able to include as many people as you can. Technology is meant to make our lives easier and this is the same for your event!

Using technology is just one of the many ways we can provide support to you to make your modern celebration of life happen. Reach out to us today to find out just how we can help and what your event can be.

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