A recent study out of the U.S. looked at the experience of dealing with the death of a loved one. 55% of participants said planning a funeral was very time-consuming, more so than any of the other tasks they had to engage in.

During a time when you are grieving the loss of someone close to you, you do not also need to be planning an event. This is where the services of a creative memorial planning team can offer real value for you and allow you time to grieve.

Time to Grieve

It is the job of a Creative Memorial Planner to plan your celebration of life so that you can spend your time on all the other details. In not spending hours on event planning, you can also focus on your own grief and the time needed mourn your loss in your way.

A creative memorial planner is different in that they are not a funeral director and they offer more specialised service than an event planner. They are uniquely positioned to plan events that understand the dignity and ceremony of an end of life event while being able to plan events that are personalized to you and your loved one for a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can read more about how a creative memorial planner is different from a funeral director here.

Time to Be Present at Your Event

At Red Bird Events, we want you to be fully present at the Celebration of Life of your loved one so we take all the details of organizing and running the event off your hands.

From talking to caterers and venue staff to setting up décor to making sure the slideshow is running and the music is playing at the right volume, we are here to handle it all. On the day of your event all that should be left for you is to be present with your guests and fully immerse yourself in the celebration of your loved one.  

Time to Do the Other Things

There are things that just need to be done when someone passes and these tasks cannot be avoided. This included working with lawyers and banks to sort out the estate or having to clear out a house to get it ready to sell. So why add planning an event to your already full plate?

A Celebration of Life can take hour, weeks and even months to plan and prepare. Even simple events take time to organize. So when you work with a creative memorial planner, you are able to free up your time to do all the other things while still being able to hold the celebration of life exactly how you want to.

Be As Involved As Little or As Much As You Want to Be

Creative memorial planners are all about offering you flexibility. So when you hire a creative memorial planner, you have the choice of how involved you would like to be in the planning process.

You will be involved in making decisions about what venue to book and what food will be served along with other major decisions, but you don’t have to be involved in other parts of the process unless you want to.

One example of this is on the day of the event. Some of our clients like to show up just before guests arrive and be ready to greet people as they arrive. And then some clients like to come a bit early while set up is happening, because that is what feels right for them.

This is your event so we want to make sure you are comfortable with your contribution along the way, whether that is hands-on, hands-off or something in between.

Creating The Event You Truly Want

The goal of a creative memorial planner is to create a celebration that honours your loved one in a way that feels true to who they were while letting people have time and space to remember that person and celebrate them.

In the video below you can hear Dianna, one of our Creative Memorial Planners, discuss the value of having a Celebration of Life:

If you are interested in hiring the services of a full service creative memorial planning team, you can learn more about the services of Red Bird Events and how you can work with us for your event.