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What is Red Bird Events?

Red Bird is a bereavement event company where we co-create unique and personalized celebrations of life with family and friends that can happen almost anywhere. Red Bird is not a funeral home and does not manage cremations or burials.

Who is Behind Red Bird Events?

Cardinal Funeral Homes developed Red Bird Events as a gateway for clients and families who want to choose an alternative to a traditional funeral. Jimmy and Andrew Cardinal saw a gap in the market as more clients shifted from the traditional funeral to cremation where they were choosing to not mark the occasion of their loved one’s death. Red Bird gives consumers an option they didn’t know they had. Red Bird is spearheaded by Creative Memorial Planner Dianna Klisanin who brings her creative flair and empathetic values to funerals full of life. Combining their experiences in the funeral and event industries together with their Celebrant certifications, the Red Bird team provides clients with a one-stop, full service option.

How does Red Bird work?

Our Creative Memorial Planners lead a vision meeting where they meet with the families and friends of the deceased to get to know the person being celebrated as well as what the client envisions for the celebration of life. At this meeting, they piece together the themes and ideas that are weaved through all the elements of the event and the ceremony. Examples of elements discussed can include music, décor and attendee gifts, all of which are all reflective of your loved one. Red Bird works with families to produce a sophisticated and dignified event and ceremony that allows space for all emotions.

WHAT are the Red Bird Options?

Red Bird has three options to choose from: our Full, Fuller and Fullest packages which you can find here. Whether you have your ideas and themes alread yor need creative input, our main goal is to co-create and develop the celebration of life with you. Working with our team of event experts and Celebrants, we design creative and meaningful events with your input and ideas. Logistical decisions like venue selection, catering and the ceremony are all developed in support of our creative approach.

What is the Red Bird difference?

Red Bird is unlike any other bereavement event company. Red Bird not only has event experts to plan every detail of the celebration of life, but also has certified Celebrants to craft a meaningful and impactful ceremony.  A family may choose to have us preside over the entire ceremony or simply be the lead storyteller and include their roster of speakers and eulogists. Each of our ceremonies are unique to the person being celebrated and the families we serve with a host of options for different elements that may or may not be included.

What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a trained and qualified person who writes and officiates unique and personalized funeral services that reflect who the deceased was and meets the needs of their family. Funeral Celebrants can conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services. Many Celebrants aim for a ‘celebration of life’ that honours the person’s memory. This approach places an emphasis on how the person lived their life, their personality traits and the memories of their family and friends. For this reason, Celebrants are the go-to option for people looking to create ceremonies of substance and meaning without necessarily mentioning religious beliefs or the afterlife.

Why have a celebration of life or memorial at all?

Red Bird is passionately dedicated to the concept that atribute/gathering/celebration of life is one of the most important first steps in the grief journey. Since the beginning of time, human beings have used ceremony to mark the end of a life that was lived and to create a space for the community to express their thoughts and feelings safely.  Depending on the time and place, there are a variety of different ways to create such places, but almost all will have one thing in common: people coming together to say goodbye to their loved one and to begin the process of grieving together. When a family chooses “cremation, no service”, they are missing a vital and important opportunity for creating memories in safe spaces and sharing their loss with others.

Where can I host a celebration of life?

You can hold a celebration of life ANYWHERE! Red Bird has a roster of partner venues and can suggest spaces that are suited to your celebration of life vision. Whether indoor or outdoor, in town or out of town, the right space should be accommodating to you and your guests.

What is the difference between a celebration of life and a funeral?

Unlike traditional funerals, celebrations of life are commonly held after the burial or cremation. A celebration of life can happen anytime after a person passes which can provide more time to plan the event and allows you to make optimal decisions about how you would like to celebrate the life of your loved one. For many people, the critical difference between traditional funerals and celebrations of life is the focus. Funerals often emphasize religious and cultural rites and can be formulaic. A Red Bird celebration of life, on the other hand, crafts a unique event and ceremony that holds a spotlight on the entirety of the person’s life, with all the successes, hurdles, personality and interests. The event reflects the person as a whole with the space for all emotions including joy, grief, laughter, tears and gratitude.

Where can I host a celebration of life?

You can hold a celebration of life ANYWHERE! Red Bird has a roster of partner venues and can suggest spaces that are suited to your celebration of life vision. Whether indoor or outdoor, in town or out of town, the right space should be accommodating to you and your guests.

Can I organize a celebration of life on my own?

Planning the funeral or memorial service for a loved one can feel overwhelming. Even when we believe we are prepared, the reality of losing someone important to us can come as a shock and put tremendous strain on many aspects of our lives.  It is of course possible to organize your celebration on your own. However, there are a wide variety of details to take into consideration. Do you have the support of friends and family to help you organize the celebration of life? Who will oversee all the elements on the day of the event so that you can just focus on being the grieving family member rather than the event coordinator? While you can assign friends and family to areas, like music, food, RSVPs, flowers or a slideshow, you will be the one that they turn to for any questions. This is a time when you should be able to gather with your family and friends to pause for that moment and celebrate your loved one. Red Bird’s event experts will ensure a smooth event with a meaningful ceremony that supports the healing journey during your time of grief.

What do I do if I need a cremation?

If you need immediate assistance or looking to pre-plan your cremation, our partner Cardinal Funeral Homes is a top-rated, family-run business. They offer compassionate, zero-commission service. Once those details are taken care of, come back and we’ll plan the perfect event.  Having said this, we assist families who haveused any cremation or burial service provider.

How is Red Bird safely managing COVID-19?

Red Bird is following all protocols set out by the Ontario Provincial government and works within each venue’s requirements. Our upmost concern is for the health and safety of the families we work with and their guests.

Can you have a celebration of life for someone who is still alive?

The simple answer is YES! A living memorial can be a cathartic event for families, guests and the person near the end of life who is being celebrated. Contact us to chat more about this.



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