The place, the music, the words, the food, the drink, the feels. Together, we can make them all just right. And Red Bird has three levels of service, from helpful guidance to events where we handle absolutely everything.

Donna M.

Want Some Inspiration?

We’ll co-create your perfect event, but feel free to borrow from here

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The Gathering

Always personalized and true to life. The perfect mix of solemn and celebratory.

High tea

Fancy linens, soft music, delicious treats. It’s okay to keep things classic and classy.

pub night

Take over their favourite bar or restaurant for a perfect last call. Stories, tears, laughter… maybe even a trivia contest based on the life of the dearly departed.

the highlights

When there’s so many accomplishments and memories to celebrate. An awards show where everybody is encouraged to pay tribute with their best personal stories.

After Party

They were the life of the party. Throw the party of their life! After the ceremony, there’s music, dancing and probably an open bar.

Garden party

Did they love gardening, or backyard barbecues? Throw an outside event they would have loved. Your guests will love it too.

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Plan the perfect event, With the perfect amount of help
Planning an Event?

Let's find your best option

Every Red Bird celebration of life is fully customized because we co-create them with you. So you end up with an event that’s uniquely Them.

Every Red Bird event is fully customized because we co-create them with you. 
So you end up with an event that’s uniquely Them.




Our most popular option because we handle it all. You get full support planning the Ceremony and the Event. We manage all the pre-Event details, and you get our complete support running the Event on the day.

This package is right for people who want a perfect and fitting tribute and want peace of mind knowing that every detail will be taken care of.

When you want an unforgettable event that people will talk about for years. A weekend retreat? A concert? A celebrity chef experience? Maybe an exotic destination? What’s the dream? We’ll make it a reality. We promise the Ceremony won’t get lost in the spectacle. We’ll plan and officiate the perfect tribute, true to the amazing life, and deeply meaningful to all in attendance.

What's Included

Concierge email/phone support from time of booking.

Introductory consultation with a Creative Memorial Planner and a Celebrant, usually 2-3 hours.

Full day coverage on the day of the Celebration of Life (includes set up display work, such as memory table, photos, slideshow and installation of personal décor.)

Obituary and event details on Red Bird website.

Assistance with vendors and venues including onsite visits, schedule, preparation and confirmation of all vendors.

Tailor the post-ceremony events based on your style and budget, including flowers, food and beverage, décor, memorial tributes, music and a/v.

Memorial slideshow and 8x10 framed photo

Aftercare and estate support

Manage e-vites, RSVP list and custom program.





(depending on scope of event)


Starting From


Everything from our Fuller option plus any unique extras you need.

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*These prices are for our services, and don't include event costs such as location rental, food, bar.
Prices listed do not include HST

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